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Samhain 2023: Rites of our Ancestors

  • 29 Oct 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Ffynnon



Rites of our Ancestors

October 29th
11am - 3 pm

Come prepared to muscle down the Beltane Maypole and put your energy into cutting your own piece to place ceremoniously in the ancestor shrine. Now is the season when we enter the darkness, allowing our creative energies to stir inside, a seed blanketed for the winter - transforming - in anticipation of new life!

Participate in ritual and meet the Great Bone Goddess - Keeper of our Beloved Dead!

Along with cutting the Maypole, attendees will make creative offerings representative of the ancestors to utilize during a Rite of Samhain. We will spiral down into the underworld, carrying our creative offerings, and meet the Great Bone Goddess who cares for our Beloved Dead.

Afterwards, we will spiral back up, turning the wheel of the year, and recognizing the gifts of the Witches' New Year! New life and new endeavors abound for us all - supported by our ancestors, we will call out the names of all the new children who have come to join us this year, along with any new endeavors we have begun!

The end is always the beginning!

This event will be taking place outdoors, so please dress for the weather and wear proper footwear. Ffynnon will provide popups, tables and seating, but if you have a favorite camp chair, please bring it.

Fresh apple cider and cakes will be supplied at the end of the event to ground and warm us for our journeys home.

This is a Free community rite, but we still need you to register. We look forward to celebrating and experiencing ritual together with you!

Activity: Bring down the Maypole, adorn the Ancestor Shrine, final harvest

This is the final harvest of the season where we bring the Maypole down, divide it into logs, then use them to support the magic of the Ancestor Shrine. We journey deep into the Underworld and connect with our ancestors, allowing our creative energies to stir inside, a seed blanketed for the winter - transforming - with Their blessings and in anticipation of new life.

We walk the forest, observing the snags where Nature has reclaimed its resources through the standing dead trees that provide habitat and nutrients to the forest.

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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