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Farmer Joel's Blog

30 Jun 2016 12:49 PM | Ffynnon (Administrator)

This week's CSA recipe and blog

June 30, 2016

Greetings Ffynnon CSA members!

First of all, a reminder that your CSA boxes will be ready today (and every Thursday for the next 19 weeks) at your regular pick-up site address, from 3-8pm.  If you need that address again, or instructions on where to go once you get there, please feel free to email source@ffynnonoregon.com or text us at 503-206-1765 (this is Tasha's cell, since I will be on the road delivering!). 

Also, a small reminder to those that bought egg shares that those deliveries happen every other week. So, don't worry if your box does not include eggs this week, they'll be back again next week. 

It has been a busy week out here on the farm, and there's actually still things to be picked and put in your boxes, so I will get right to it. This week, your box will include: a box of blueberries, a bunch of baby carrots (these are Adelaide carrots, bred to be a "true baby" variety), a large handful of chives, and a bag of baby kale. I also intended to have a bunch of arugula in this week's box, but unfortunately, I just got back from the field where I found the arugula to be full of tiny holes that weren't there two days ago. Lots of tiny little holes. I am planting another crop of arugula right away; we'll see if we can get you some before the weather turns so hot that it bolts. Apparently, the arugula has served as a "trap crop" for the bugs, because the chard and spinach in the same bed are hole-free, as are all my other brassicas. Go figure.

The kale is an Italian or "dinosaur" variety known as Toscano. The leaves are tender enough at this point to be eaten raw; as a matter of fact, I think a good use of them would be to make a tossed salad using the kale, some blueberries, and maybe some shaved Parmesan or crumbled Feta. This week's recipe is for a chive vinaigrette, which would be fantastic on this salad:

Chive Vinaigrette

1/4 cup good vinegar (such as champagne, sherry, or balsamic)
1/2 tsp salt, plus more if needed
1/2 tsp Dijon or other mustard (acts as an emulsifier)
3/4 cup olive oil up to 1/4 cup minced fresh chives

Put all the ingredients except the chives into a jar, cover with a lid and shake until well blended. Add the chives and shake again. Taste and adjust salt, and add freshly ground black pepper, if desired. This will keep, refrigerated, for a few days, but bring it back up to room temperature and shake again before tossing into a salad.

If you come up with amazing recipes with your veggies, please feel free to share them, as we are compiling a list and will post those on our website, so you all can share in the beautiful food you create with your local produce. 

It is just now noon, and I'm getting the truck loaded and heading to Portland now. All locations should have their boxes dropped by the 3pm deadline.

Thanks again,

Farmer Joel.

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