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Ffynnon From Afar

12 Feb 2015 11:35 AM | Michael Agee (Administrator)


Greetings Ffynnon friends. Some of you know that I am spending lots of time far from Ffynnon these days. I'm taking care of my mom who has dementia, here in Kentucky where I grew up. This keeps me from being with my beloved Joel for weeks at a time, and from participating in the daily physical life of Ffynnon. 

I'm hoping that summer will see she and I moving back to Oregon so that I can again be a caretaker for the land that is now also my home - physically and spiritually.

We've launched our first major membership drive. Many of you have seen it I hope, and are considering supporting our work by becoming members of our growing community. Really, we need all the support we can get. The financial effort involved in a project of this scope is daunting and even our $5 a month level is very important to us.

We've been blessed with several major investors so far, and this has allowed us to actually be right on target on our original timeline. Moving forward, we've decided that a membership based community is our best way to continue to grow The Plan as we seek our next round of major investors.

The learning curve often seems almost vertical - there is so much to do, so very many details and all of them are so important! We continue to clean remaining garbage from the property and to learn correct forest management techniques. Learning the hydrology of the land and working with it is a daunting task in itself - we have SO much water. Then there's the continuing development of the land as a site for festivals and campers. We are starting to integrate the two properties into our long-range goal of becoming a retreat center that offers farm grown fresh produce to our attendees from our own yet-to-be-built kitchen.

But I get ahead of myself. Right now we're in our winter mode, going at our business plan hammer and tongs, getting it shaped up for investor presentations come spring. Reta is guiding us in this for which we are so very grateful. Her expert level business expertise is invaluable to us and we thank her for it.

I miss my compadres Joel, Neal, Tasha and Reta every day. Hopefully this topic will be a place where I can put down some of my thoughts and feelings as I continue to help imagine Ffynnon forward.

Very Blessed Be Y'all,


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